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P R O D U C T S   F O R   H I R E   -   S Y D N E Y

It is our commitment to produce equipment that will increase safety and productivity.  To book any of the equipment below, don't hesitate to contact us.



Electric Hydraulic Cable Winch

Winch with various mounting options as illustrated. Various lengths of rope supplied as part of kit. Trolley for ease of movement.

Portable Cable Winding Machine

For winding cables on to drums on site.  Used to reclaim "scrap cable" from demolition sites and modifications.

Cable Jacks and Stands

Used to lift cable drums off the ground.  Four different designs to lift drums up to 5 tonne.

Cable Rollers

A large range of cable rollers to suit your applications.


Crimp Tools, Cable Cutters, Hydraulic Pump

We have a full range of crimpers and cutters from 16sq mm to 1000sq mm. Both copper and aluminium. Electric hydraulic or hand or foot operated.

Cable Socks

A large range of styles and sizes to suit your application.

Draw Wire Installation

Products for hire used for this purpose.


7twA 4 stroke generator.


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