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C R I M P   T O O L S   &   C A B L E   C U T T E R S   F O R   H I R E

Parrot Beak Cutters

23 Tonne Crimper Head

We have a full range of crimpers from 16sq mm to 1000sq mm.


  • Both copper and aluminium. 


  • Electric hydraulic or hand or foot operated.


  • The Guillotine Cutters and Parrot Beak Cutters are used in conjunction with an electric or foot pump.




Crimping copper from 25mm to 630mm and crimping aluminium from 25mm to 500mm. Dies also available for aluminium sector cable.


Crimping copper from 400mm to 800mm and crimping aluminium up too 800mm.



Small cutting head up to 60mm diameter and large cutting head up to 100mm diameter.


(12 tonne manual crimper also available)

Guillotine Cutters

Two Stage Electric Hydraulic Pump

Crimping Tool 16 - 300mm CU and 16 - 300mm AL

60 Tonne Head

CU & AI Crimping Dies

16mm to 1,000mm

Cutting Tool up to 300mm Single Cable

Foot Pump

Used when power is unavailable for crimping with 23 tonne head.

Conduit Prover / Cleaner

Used to prove underground pipe integrity.

Doubles as a pipe cleaner. Sizes 63mm to 150mm.

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